Become a Partner of The Wellbeing Experience


Become a Partner of The Wellbeing Experience

The Wellbeing Experience is not a showroom for any particular type of product or brand – it is a collaboration of responsible manufacturers and service providers to demonstrate the benefits of a healthy environment and promote their contribution to it.

The Wellbeing Experience is aimed at people who are passionate about how the built environment affects our health. Its purpose is to:

  1. Educate all visitors on the meaning and benefits of Wellbeing in occupied spaces and the main criteria that affect this.

  2. Inform visitors of the various recommendations, standards and levels of certification that are available to owners, operators and designers seeking to provide healthy environments for their occupants.

  3. Demonstrate products and services that can be used to improve indoor environments and workspace, and explain how they contribute overall Wellbeing of occupants.

  4. Inspire Wellbeing Activists to design, build and promote indoor environments beneficial to the health and Wellbeing of its occupants.

The Benefits of being a Partner

Being a Partner demonstrates your commitment to improving people’s health in the built environment. You will have the opportunity to display your capabilities and innovative solutions to responsible clients involved in the design, development, construction, management and occupation of commercial office space. The Wellbeing Experience is expected to be a major attraction for this demographic, from the UK and overseas.

The marketing and promotional opportunities include:

  • Significant exposure with promotion on The Building Centre’s website (500,000 views per year)

  • Publicity on The Building Centre’s social media accounts (40,000 followers)

  • Chance to be seen by the 200,000 people who visit The Building Centre annually

  • The use of one of the best indoor spaces in London, for seminars, meetings and hot-desking.

The exact nature and detail of each company’s participation and contribution will need to be discussed and agreed individually. It is envisaged that this will be a long-term (3 years+) live exhibit.


Location of exhibition space

Remaking the street_29.JPG

Where will The Wellbeing Experience be and what will be on display


The Wellbeing Experience is located in a self-contained space at The Building Centre in central London which is at the forefront of promoting research, development and education in the construction industry. It is home for New London Architecture, the research and discussion forum, as well as the base for many leading voices in the field. It is anticipated that visitors will be from the broad range of disciplines in the building and construction industry – architects, engineers, contractors, government and other organisations– as well as members of the public.

The Wellbeing Experience will concentrate on 8 main concepts affecting the human body in the Built Environment, part of an educational journey through Wellbeing. The design, construction and fit out of the space must therefore be in compliance with recognised good practice governing wellbeing, and all products used in the fit-out and display must exhibit features conducive to the wellbeing of occupants and their benefits clearly explained. Suppliers of these products must therefore be familiar with Wellbeing standards and be able to demonstrate wellbeing credentials.

The space will be assessed in accordance with recognised standards for “Well Buildings” and the results will be displayed. Indoor air quality will be measured alongside monitoring of the outdoor air quality and the comparisons presented live, including continual measurement of contaminants, VOC and CO2 levels, temperature and humidity.

Edge, the branding, interiors and architecture consultancy and wellness design experts, have created the space and will guide the changing displays during the duration of the exhibition. Partners will have the opportunity to influence the content and how their products are displayed.


Partner Responsibilities
Partners will be expected to:

  • Donate their products, install and maintain them at their own cost and contribute to the cost of the space for a specified period.

  • Provide training to TBC Hosts, brochures and marketing materials and to promote the Experience through their own media and marketing outlets.

  • Where practical and relevant, to update their product displays on a regular basis to reflect new technology, standards and product development.

  • Familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of Wellbeing and learn enough about the Experience space to explain principles to visitors and collect contact information of all interested parties for follow up by the relevant Partners.


Partner Benefits
Marketing and Promotional Opportunities:

  • Promotion of the Space by The Building Centre on their website (½ million views per year), social media (40,000+) and printed media.

  • 200,000+ visitors per year

  • Use of what will be one of the best indoor spaces in the UK as a London Office for hotdesking (with state of the art lighting and ergonomic furniture) client meetings and presentations (subject to availability), evening events and as a postal address.

  • Use of 200 seat auditorium for seminars and larger events (subject to agreement with TBC)

  • Use of award winning “Healthy Food” Café

  • It is expected that The Wellbeing experience will be a major attraction for all these demographics as it will be the only such space open to the public in the UK. Located within easy reach from all London Airports it will also draw significant numbers of overseas visitors.

  • There are regular events at The Building Centre involving Architects, Consulting Engineers, Interior Designers, Developers, FMs and students and senior influencers and dignitaries.

 How much does it cost?


Typical Partner

As detailed above -
Typically £1,000 (+VAT) per month
(negotiable depending on product contribution and space)

A typical partner package covers:

  • Contribution towards the lease of the space from The Building Centre.

  • Share of the joint marketing costs – promotional materials, space design

  • Website page creation and content management

  • Promotional materials for the Wellbeing Experience

  • Signage

Package Prices

These are designed for companies wishing to promote services or display smaller products for a shorter period of time.

Exhibitor packages start at £500 (+VAT) per month

Which covers:

·       Defined display area within the Wellbeing Experience.

·       Share of the joint marketing costs – Website, promotional material

·       Security & Cleaning

·       Use of the office space for hot-desking and meetings (subject to availability)

·       Use of the office space for hot-desking and meetings, and as a postal address

·       Security & Cleaning

·       Hosting & Uniforms (TBC Staff)