Creating spaces that enhance health, wellbeing, happiness and productivity


The Wellbeing Experience is an exhibition created to demonstrate what a workplace designed solely around the occupant’s wellbeing feels, looks, sounds, smells and tastes like. Every detail has been chosen to display the highest possible quality of space solutions that affect how we feel in an indoor environment. It offers a space where you live well and work well.


Why it all started…

The Wellbeing Experience is an exhibition directed at everyone passionate about how the built environment affects our health. It aims to serve as a benchmark for responsible stakeholders involved in the design, development, decision making, construction, management and occupation of public and commercial real estate.

It’s a curated collaboration by responsible manufacturers, Wellbeing design experts and service providers, designed to educate visitors on the meaning and benefits of wellbeing in the workplace. Based on eight main pillars that affect the human body in the built environment, the exhibition demonstrates various solutions that help buildings enhance the wellbeing and comfort of occupants.

What do we want to achieve?

The purpose is to educate visitors about the various recommendations, standards and levels of certification that are available to owners, operators and designers seeking to provide healthy working environments. By leading the way, we want to inspire wellbeing activists to design, build and promote indoor environments that are optimal for our health and wellbeing.

The exhibition space is in a publicly accessible office and meeting room area on the ground floor of the Building Centre in central London. The design, construction and fit out of the space have been done in collaboration with the participating businesses and in full compliance with recognised good practice governing wellbeing. All the products used in the fit-out and exhibition demonstrate features conducive to the wellbeing of occupants.

The exhibition will evolve over time. It offers visitors different experiences by presenting innovative solutions to enhance wellbeing at least twice a year.


The Wellbeing Experience educates visitors on the meaning and benefits of wellbeing in occupied spaces.



Our Pillars of Wellbeing

The Wellbeing Experience focuses on eight main factors affecting the human body in the built environment. We have created the Wellbeing Experience exhibition around these eight pillars to take the visitor through an educational journey for working and living well.



Breathe Easy - 90% of the air that we breathe every day is indoor air. Clean indoor air is critical for good health. 



Essential to life - 60% of an adult human body is water and we need clean drinking water to function and stay healthy. 



Fuel your fire - Food provides the energy to keep our bodies running. A healthy diet is central to our mental and physical health and prevents disease.



Illuminate your World - Light defines how you see the outer world and influences your inner world. Optimal lighting ensures vision, visual comfort, alertness and circadian response.



Finding the balance – Our minds and bodies interact. A stimulating and energising environment helps us to feel well and be productive. Having a connection with nature, when indoors, is a good way to reduce stress.


You’re in control - Our workplace should not be too hot or too cold. The temperature makes a difference to our happiness and productivity.   


Support your body – Ergonomic workplaces fit tasks and equipment to the people who use them, rather than the other way around. Well-designed ergonomic furniture and tools help us to perform our work safely and with greater comfort.


Quiet, please - Acoustic problems are a leading source of unhappiness in the office. The right acoustic designs and policies can minimise distracting noise and create a better environment for satisfaction and productivity.


The Building Centre in London is the perfect venue for our exhibition.

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The Wellbeing Experience was born through a collaboration of responsible manufacturers and service providers operating in various areas of the built environment with one common nominator - wellbeing. Situated in the heart of the Building Centre London, the perfect location for our experience.

The Building Centre has promoted education and innovation in the built environment since it was established in 1931. It is unique in representing and bringing together the different disciplines that form the built environment industry. These include architects, engineers, contractors, planners, government and other decision-makers in construction. Several leading organisations in the industry are represented here and more than 50 manufacturers have permanent displays on show.

A full programme of talks with leading figures in the industry, events and exhibitions – aimed at those in industry as well the general public – take place throughout the year. The building is open to the public six days a week and more than 200,000 people visit annually.

Our Eight Pillars affect the human body and mind in the built environment, not just in isolation but interacting with each other. The exhibition space displays solutions and provides advice to help people to work well and live well.