Our Pillars - Acoustics


Can you repeat that? Shall we chat somewhere a bit quieter? Problems with acoustics is often one of the most significant issues in the workplace.

According to Leesman, in the world’s largest measurement of workplace effectiveness, just 30 per cent of office occupants are happy with the noise levels in their workplace.

Creating the perfect balance is a challenge – a quiet office can be unmotivating and unnerving, whereas a noisy and chaotic environment can be distracting – and acoustics are affected by so many influences, from the size of the office space, to the materials used.

The answer? Whilst the experience of a workplace is subjective and there isn’t a clear solution for everyone, providing a variety of spaces and using the correct materials can go a long way. Breakout zones, canteen/coffee areas and meeting rooms create choice for the user and the correct environment for every type of office discussion. Soft furnishings and materials can work brilliantly to deflect sound, even in open plan offices.

As part of The Wellbeing Experience, Halton has installed chilled beams which have integrated acoustic panels. Whilst the chilled beams’ key role is to regulate air quality and create thermal comfort for users, its ability to distribute the air evenly avoids noisy corners and acts a barrier to a potentially noisy open plan office space.