Empathic Building

We are happy to complement the Wellbeing Experience with a modern digital tool that focuses on improving user’s wellbeing and happiness. Empathic Building is your one-stop solution for developing workspace design: it gives an instant view on the physical space and supporting technology within as well as user’s feelings and experience.


Design a space for success

Tieto Empathic Building has helped many medium-sized and large corporations to drive workplace transformation as well as support open and collaborative culture within organisations. By understanding workspaces, meeting rooms and employee behaviour, buildings can become human-centric, instantly responding to issues and offering options for workspaces, equipment or colleague locations. By promoting a smoother and more intuitive working environment contributes to a more motivated, agile workforce and a better workflow.

Empathic Building consists of six different layers from with you can choose the ones that suit your needs. Its core is the 3D digital twin of the building that captures the building information and needed user information into one place. By adding sensor technology information to the solution, we can visualize the desk and meeting room occupancy for the employees in real-time which makes the daily life in modern offices more efficient and user-friendly. To increase the collaboration and locate your colleagues, the employees can share their location voluntarily by carrying a small Bluetooth tag e.g. on their keychain or use the app in their smart phone.

As the end-user is in the center of Empathic Building, the tool captures the end-user is feelings and experience by using AI based feedback engine calculating real-time end-user experience index. Index is used to support management decision making and to set optimal air quality and lightning to the work environment. These features are supported by our WellbeingX ecosystem partners.

Furthermore, air quality data such as temperature, co2 levels, humidity, air pressure, illuminance and noise levels can be visualized to provide information to the facility managers and so that the user can then choose the work spot based on their personal preferences.

By taking Empathic Building solution to use everyone wins: employees’ days are smoother, management gets a real-time feedback and development tool and the facility management get real-time data for developing the spaces.


Want to learn more? Visit The Wellbeing Experience in The Building Centre London or contact us online: Tieto Empathic Building

Empathic Building is a registered trademark of Tieto Corporation.