Halton is proud to be one of the founding partners and the main sponsor of The Wellbeing Experience

Our passion is indoor environments. Halton offers business-enhancing products, systems, and services for comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe environments to customers who value people's wellbeing. 


We enable Wellbeing in demanding indoor environments

We are experts of indoor air and thermal comfort. We have made sure that at The Wellbeing Experience, you can experience what a comfortable indoor environment feels like. In cooperation with the partners, Halton has created a space built on eight pillars of Wellbeing. These pillars create an environment supporting physical, emotional and social Wellbeing of people in the built environment. With our solutions, we turn the pillars of Air and Comfort into reality. Our system supplies fresh air to the right place at the right time and at the right temperature, distributing the air to ensure your comfort.

The Wellbeing Experience is a joint effort demonstrating innovative solutions that improve Wellbeing of people at work. With the space, Halton wants to show you what a Wellbeing-enhancing space is and give you the tools to create one of your own.


What does wellbeing mean to us?

Halton is a Finnish, family-owned company delivering Wellbeing through indoor climate solutions. Our mission is Enabling Wellbeing and we feel that buildings should be built for the space users.

We put people first. From the bottom of the sea to the tallest buildings in the world, Halton is your partner in the most difficult environments where safety, health and comfort play a significant role. Our solutions ensure comfortable working conditions that increase happiness and productivity of office workers, Michelin star chefs, brain surgeons and power plant operators. We allow people to perform at their best indoors.

Halton goes as far as to using rocket science technology to develop and optimise solutions for the best user comfort and safety. We work closely together with our customers to ensure the right outcome for building users, and thus over 90% of Halton solutions are engineered to customer needs.

Energizing indoor climates are the sum of good air quality and thermal comfort. The indoor climate has a significant impact on our wellbeing health, and productivity. It can decrease our productivity with up to 10 % and have long-lasting and severe effects on our health. People on average spend as much as 90 % of their time indoors and breathe more than 15 000 litres of air every day. Air is the largest concept in the WELL Building Standard, the leading tool for advancing health and well-being in buildings globally. We at Halton take pride in creating better indoor climates that improve Wellbeing.  


Solutions designed around wellbeing

When designing ventilation solutions that support Wellbeing, it is not only about how much air to supply into a particular space. It is about how that air is distributed and how the space users feel that air on different parts of their body. The experience of the space user is what guides research and development in our Innovation Hubs around the globe. Halton supports its customers from initial design through commissioning and space use.

At Halton we tailor our products to fit demanding customer needs, like limited space height in retrofits of historical buildings or high spaces with dense occupancy like dealing halls in banks. To ensure the best outcome we test our solutions both by computer simulations and full-scale mock-ups.

Our intelligent ventilation systems automatically control the air quality and thermal conditions with sensors. This enables significant energy savings when the space is empty and guarantees comfort when the space is occupied. With our personal comfort devices, space users can control their preferred environment and adjust it according to their needs. Controlling the indoor environment increases happiness and satisfaction. 

We are extremely proud to work with people who care about wellbeing around the globe. Our solutions ensure comfort, safety and sustainable performance in some of the most remarkable buildings and institutions:

·       LEED Platinum certified YKK headquarters, Japan

·       Rijksmuseum, The Netherlands

·       Nya Karolinska Hospital, Sweden

·       Eiffel Tower, France

·       Burj Khalifa Tower, Dubai

·       Adventurer of the Seas, Cruise Ship


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