The Wellbeing Experience was born through collaboration between dedicated partners ready to invest in educating stakeholder in the built environment about wellbeing. Each partner specialises in features that enable people to be well indoors. By combining our efforts and working closely together, we managed to build a space that enhances health, wellbeing, happiness and productivity in the heart of London.



Halton is proud to be one of the founding partners and the main sponsor of The Wellbeing Experience to encourage creation of buildings for people. Our passion is indoor environments. Halton offers business-enhancing products, systems, and services for comfortable, energy-efficient, and safe environments to customers who value people's wellbeing.  



Helvar is excited to be a partner of The Wellbeing Experience and delighted to champion the Wellbeing movement. Our solutions create brighter spaces - built for wellbeing. Always fully integrated and designed to scale and flex, they’re perfect for each situation. For wherever there is light — Helvar will mean you’re in control. Our solutions save energy and improve human comfort. They help you concentrate and are good for our planet – they are built to last.


EDGE is excited to be a partner of the Wellbeing Experience to help champion examples of best practice for wellness in the workplace. We create environments that offer world-class wellness solutions, bringing together our branding, interiors and architecture disciplines.


Empathic Building

We are happy to complement the Wellbeing Experience with a modern digital tool that focuses on improving user’s well-being and happiness. Empathic Building is your one stop solution for developing workspace design: it gives an instant view on the physical space and supporting technology within as well as user’s feelings and experience.


Well FM

Well FM are delighted to be a part of the Wellbeing experience. We provide a complete service for Wellbeing across all the different sectors of the built environment and help businesses achieve Well Certification. As troubleshooters and problem solvers, our curative and energy efficient solutions ensure premises are designed, built, operated and maintained to perform in a way that will optimise the Wellbeing of the occupants.


The Building Centre

The Building Centre is a hub for the built environment, providing a platform for the exchange and development of knowledge. Established in 1931, the Building Centre is unique in representing and bringing together the different disciplines that form the built environment industry. The evolving programme of events and free exhibitions aim to inspire and inform the sector and the public.



Clivet is a leading European company that designs, produces and distributes systems for air conditioning, heating, fresh air and purification with a wide range of solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


We encourage and welcome new partners to join our movement. Contact us to share your story and apply for partnership. As a partner of The Wellbeing Experience you will be a role model of wellbeing in the built environment.