Lighting Intelligence for brighter spaces

At Helvar we help connect light with life. It might seem obvious that light and life go hand in hand. Yet we rarely think about how one enhances the other. So many solutions in buildings are stand alone and difficult to integrate around our lives. 


Integration has always been at the heart of Helvar – we’re always thinking about light and its fullest potential.

We start every project making sure that light and life integrates seamlessly together, enhancing human wellbeing, mood and productivity.

Seamless integration is achieved through lighting intelligence, i.e. sensed, refined, integrated and impacting data e.g. from operational lighting conditions, energy consumption but also occupancy, people & asset flow.

Therefore we believe, connecting light with life plays a central role in the converging building management - creating truly brighter spaces.  


Here comes the science…

When you visit The Wellbeing Experience you will see and feel our solutions in action. Our aim is to let you experience a truly bright space, by optimal illumination and applied lighting intelligence. Find out more below.


Imagine lighting management solution

Imagine provides the ultimate freedom in delivering lighting control solutions for a wide variety of applications ranging from wellbeing addressing, energy efficient commercial lighting to state of the art architectural lighting applications.

Being flexible and scalable, Imagine is suitable from single room to large buildings. Its architecture allows to expand to both wired and wireless connectivity arrangements ensuring future-proof. As an networked lighting management solution, utilising open standards such as DALI, Ethernet and DMX, Imagine can be integrated to building management systems.

The solution can in its widest extend been build up by routers, sensors, dimmers, panels, input devices, relay units, integration gateways, SW, mobile apps, cloud/digital services.

It allows for

  • Maximum freedom in lighting design

  • From room to entire building

  • Energy monitoring and other digital services

  • Various user interface options

  • Lighting scenes and transitions

  • Automated control

  • Colour temperature control

  • Light over Time Graphical Profiling

  • Integration to building automation systems

Find out more about this product on our website: Helvar Imagine Lighting


Illustris and other touch panels

ILLUSTRIS is an elegant, touch-sensitive control solution for energy efficient, human centric lighting. It is stylish and intuitive to operate. The ILLUSTRIS control panel is designed for DALI type 6 (dimming) and DALI type 8 (CT, x-y colour presentation) lighting systems, bringing the comfort and productivity benefits of human centric lighting.

Using Helvar's SceneSet mobile app, the lighting can also be managed wirelessly through a Bluetooth® connection.

Active ahead.jpg

Light over Time solution enabling circadian lighting

Light over Time is a graphical lighting profile creation tool for dynamic tuneable white solutions which can be customised to suite a range of applications.

The feature enables lighting designers, specifiers and end users to graphically visualise the lighting profile for their environment resulting in a more engaging design and end user experience.

Everyone’s circadian rhythms and perception of light is different. Activity, location, and age are just some of the factors which could determine which lighting profile is best suited for the environment.

Our Light over Time solution is completely customisable to meet specific application and occupant needs. It allows a fully flexible pattern definition.

The programming flexibility of Light over Time makes it suitable for a range of applications including commercial offices, healthcare facilities and educational institutions, where light can have a significant impact on occupants’ concentration, wellbeing and alertness.

Different profiles can be set so that users can select the most appropriate lighting conditions for the time of year or season.

Find out more about this product on our website: Helvar Light Over Time


ActiveAhead & ActiveTune wireless solutions

ActiveAhead is a predictive lighting solution allowing increased comfort and energy savings in a variety of spaces (e.g. offices, corridors, staircases, garages, warehouse, and more). It is providing the core to ActiveTune, a personal lighting solution.

ActiveTune is the next level of wireless lighting control from Helvar’s Active family. ActiveTune allows the user to personalise lighting conditions through a mobile app. The mobile app is provisioned by a QR code (e.g. visible on a table). The mobile app pairs with a luminaire above/close to the user and allows him/her to change a variety of parameters (e.g. dimming intensity, colour temperature and more).

Find out more on ActiveAhead . Find out more on ActiveTune


Helvar’s digital services

In the exhibition space visitors can experience optimal, human centric lighting. Our installed solutions are complemented with superior human centric lighting providing luminaires, i.e. tuneable white luminaires for both ambient and task lighting and space specific lighting design. Latter ensure the right light quality controlled by the available solutions.

The visitors will be able to enjoy circadian response, increase in alertness and comfort as well as the joy of optimised, if applied, personalised lighting. Different interaction possibilities allow to change lighting scenes, lighting parameters, adjust sensor based and individual control - all made visible through our digital services.

Helvar’s digital services are centred around 3 main categories:

1. Operational efficiency
2. Building performance and optimisation
3. People centric solution

Operational efficiency refers to all initiatives aiming at cutting the total cost of ownership (TCO) of systems, HW and sensors. This is achieved through improving monitoring and maintenance (active monitoring, preventive care) and better field force management. This is the most basic case for applied IoT/data.

Building performance and optimisation refers to the use of data for improving a building’s operation. This is encompassing all initiatives where the actual building occupancy is used to steer a building’s system (e.g. HVAC, light), aligning operational cost with the actual usage of a building. This is a more advance case for IoT/data as it implies the actuation of a physical system based on several data points (occupancy and energy cost) as well as supportive for the build-up of predictive model and, down the road, the creation of real time adaptive models (AI based).

The last initiative, people centric solution, refers to all projects aiming at facilitating the people flow (indoor navigation, seat finder, etc…) or people wellbeing , for example by providing solution for a person to seamlessly alter several parameters of his/her environment (such as integrated room control solution) for his/her personal convenience.

Core to provisioning of these services is the Helvar Cloud Gateway (HCG) that links systems to the Cloud and its refining / optimising algorithms. It then provides the processed data back to systems for actuation or visual presentation (e.g. Helvar’s lighting intelligence portal, floor-plan based dynamic visualisations)


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